3rd  boulder workshop in

formal value theory


3rd  Formal Value Theory Workshop

New Problems in Theoretical and Practical Rationality

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Jointly sponsored by:

UCB Research and Innovation Office

The Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science

The Center for Values and Social Policy

UCB Department of Philosophy

Additional  support from  

Australian National University

Northeastern University

The Institute for Futures Studies

Masschusetts Intitute of Technology.

900-1015  Miriam Schoenfield    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Defending propriety

1030-1145   Gustaf Arrhenius and Orri Stéfansson

University of Stockholm & The Institute for Futures Studies

Population ethics under risk.

1145-100   Branden Fitelson   Northeastern University

P but I ought not believe P.

LUNCH 100—230

230-345   Katie Steele   Australalian National University

The paradox of supererogation.  

345-515   Eddy Chen   Rutgers University

Our knowledge of the past:

Some puzzles about time’s arrow and self-locating probabilities.

515-630   Alan Hájek   Australian National University